Fan starts thread of ‘worst football match food’ – responses are incredible

For a lot of us, the half-time pie or post-game chippy are big parts of what makes the matchday experience so special.

It’s those little routines that make us miss being able to go to games that bit more, even if those routines are terrible.

One fan has taken to Twitter to reminisce about the worst snacks they’ve encountered at games, prompting a tidal wave of catastrophic meals in response.

It all started with this freakishly long ‘hot dog’…

From there, things quickly went downhill, from questionable looking kebabs to a ‘crab pretzel’ – many of them look genuinely inedible.

What’s even worse than any of the above, is that we’d take any of them in a heartbeat if it meant we could be stood back in a freezing cold stand, moaning about elite athletes that are infinitely more talented than we could ever dream of being.

Ahh we miss the football.

Featured image credit: Getty