Fans rejoice after seeing Carragher and Neville return to Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is back in our lives – and so is the long-awaited return of the Jamie Carragher/Gary Neville partnership.

These two men have been producing great content together for years now and they’ve been doing so, largely, under the Sky Sports umbrella. Both men had fantastic playing careers with Liverpool and Manchester United and in their time as pundits, they’ve proven themselves to be amongst the smartest and most entertaining former players out there.

The pundit GOATs return

The Premier League, of course, keeps on rolling with exciting games every single week, and MNF has long since been viewed as one of the highlights with regards to fans having a real viewing spectacle to enjoy.

Last night, Carragher and Neville reunited once again for the clash between West Ham and Leicester – and it’s safe to say viewers were pretty happy with what they saw.

They were enemies on the pitch as part of one of English football’s biggest rivalries, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a cracking friendship and working relationship in front of the camera.

Sky have a few other pundits they can always fall back on with Roy Keane and Micah Richards having particularly entertaining chemistry between them, but these chaps really do set the standard for the rest of the industry.

Featured image credit: Getty