Five ways to deal with post-Euro 2020 withdrawal

As we edge towards the latter stages of Euro 2020, it’s understandable that some fans are going to feel some post-international tournament withdrawals.

There’s still plenty of fun to be had across the continent between now and July 11 but that won’t stop the pessimists from feeling a distinct sense of dread with that final “round-up” montage getting closer and closer by the day.

So, in something of a preemptive strike, we’re going to run through a few reasons why things will still be looking up even after the final whistle blows.

Summer Olympics

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Despite all of the rumours and the COVID chaos surrounding the Tokyo Games, the 2021 Summer Olympics are set to proceed as scheduled. They’ll start on July 23 before running all the way through until August 8, ensuring that there isn’t too big of a gap between sporting excellence over the next few months.

Plus, and this shouldn’t be overlooked, the men’s football tournament is always quite fun, too.

Euro 2020 highlights 

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We all hope that the best is yet to come from Euro 2020 but up to this point, it’s been an insanely exciting few weeks.

It began with the opening game between Italy and Turkey before racing through the remainder of the group stage, including the insane final day drama of Group F. Then, just this past Monday, we saw 14 goals across two Round of 16 classics.

What more could you want?

Premier League’s return

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Get ready, because domestic football will be back in our lives before we can even say “VAR”.

A whole slate of fixtures will commence proceedings in mid-August with Brentford vs Arsenal currently being scheduled for Friday 13th.

Aside from the daunting date, it’s great to know world football’s best top tier will be back in action soon.

Football films

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It might sound a little bit cliche, but why not dive into some films and documentaries to recall the thrill of the beautiful game? There’s the underdog story of Goal, the fan passion of Green Street, or perhaps mini-docs from past World Cups and Euros.

Oh, and if you get a chance, try and give Alex Ferguson: Never Give In a try on Amazon Prime.

Career mode challenges

We’ve still got a couple of months before the latest edition of FIFA is released, which also means it could be the last big chance to make a go at a niche career mode challenge.

Whether it’s pulling off the ultimate underdog story, or taking over a footballing superpower, it could be the ideal time to hone your managerial mastermind talents.

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