Florentino Perez doubles down on the ESL still going ahead

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has doubled down on the idea of the European Super League still going ahead.

Back in April, the world of football was sent into a frenzy as a result of the European Super League being announced. It featured twelve of the biggest clubs across Europe, including the big six from the Premier League, confirming plans to break away from the Champions League and form their own unique competition.

“They signed something they shouldn’t have signed”

It led to widespread disapproval from every corner of the sport with FIFA, UEFA and various national governments all condemning the plans.

Nine of the aforementioned twelve clubs opted out of the plan with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus being the only three to hold firm – with UEFA eventually agreeing to let them compete in next season’s Champions League.

Now, Perez has decided to make it crystal clear that he still wants to proceed with the ESL at some point in the future.

“We are calm, because of what we have, we have won,” Super League president Perez told Onda Cero.. “The English teams were coerced.”

“They signed something they shouldn’t have signed, because they are committed to the Super League. They wanted to punish them, and the courts have said no. 

“There is a binding contract and no one can leave. The Super League continues. We went to the judge who made a ruling and said the Super League cannot be touched. UEFA cannot do anything to the people or the clubs. It’s stopped. Now the court in Luxembourg must decide.”

“We have been working on this for two years. It’s a format to prevent football, which is losing interest, from dying. 

“We are not excluding anyone, but everyone can’t be there. A Roma-Sampdoria has less interest than a Manchester [United]-Paris Saint-Germain. The fans are in charge here.”

Despite his optimism, there are currently no official plans for any European Super League progression or start date.

Featured image credit: Getty