Footage emerges of backstage fight between Paul and Mayweather

In the aftermath of the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul press conference, Mayweather and Logan’s brother Jake got into a scuffle backstage.

Mayweather, known as one of the best boxers of all time, is set to fight Logan Paul in an exhibition bout on June 6. The bizarre match-up was initially scheduled for February but will now go down at the start of the summer as this crazy year for combat sports continues.

A strange new chapter for Floyd Mayweather

The two men went toe to toe at a press conference yesterday and while they did throw a few shots at each other, it all seemed to calm down as they went off to do some media interviews.

Then, a fight ensued when Jake Paul decided to take Floyd’s hat in the midst of an altercation.

Jake’s taunting led to a furious reaction from Mayweather with one of the latter’s bodyguards seemingly getting a good shot in on Paul.

Logan attempted to intervene in an episode that many are questioning the legitimacy of.

Jake, who recently beat Ben Askren to take his pro boxing record to 3-0, decided to compound Mayweather’s fury by getting a tattoo saying “gotcha hat”.

The stunt has already been seen millions of times across social media which, all things considered, was almost certainly going to be the aim of something like this.

However, large portions of the internet are convinced the whole thing was staged and have claimed that the whole thing is more befitting of WWE than the boxing ring.

At the age of 44, Mayweather has already been there and done it all. however, he’ll no doubt be taking home an eye-watering amount for this, even if it doesn’t sit well with the purists.

Featured image credit: Getty