Why clubs are removing the wildlife from their badges

Friday 22 May marks the International Day for Biological Diversity, an event dedicated to raising the understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.

Now more than ever, the importance of such a day is vital – as organisations face greater pressure than ever to ensure they’re doing their bit to protect the environment.

Now a number of clubs are lending their support to the “Imagine a World Without Nature” campaign, which is a collaboration between the WWF and One Minute Briefs.

Ahead of the 22nd, clubs are removing the wildlife or nature from their own club crests. So far the likes of Wolves, Burnley, Salford Red Devils, Shrewsbury Town, Exeter City and many more have already played their part.

Nick Entwistle, founder, One Minute Briefs and Bank of Creativity said: “We are looking to get brands and teams on board across the world to ‘Imagine a World without Nature’. This project was inspired by an initial OMB idea from Ze Anwar that we are bringing to life through a global campaign.”

“We want the OMBLES to create posters/logos/scribbles/sketches that share how the brands and teams you know and love would appear without nature in them. We want to show them missing animals, flowers, plants and communicate the importance of sustaining all life on earth through headlines impactful copy.”

A film featuring content taken from the brief will be launched on Biodiversity Day. Find out how you can raise your voice for nature here.

Featured image credit: Wolves FC