Former WWE star Val Venis gets Twitter account suspended over conspiracy tweets

Twitter has suspended former ‘Attitude Era’ WWE star Val Venis over his continued sharing of conspiracy theories on the platform.

Venis, real name Sean Morley, was one of the most unique figures during wrestling’s wildest era. Known for his romantic and extremely flirtatious behaviour, Venis had some crazy storylines during the late 1990s.

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Fans may remember when Val Venis slept with Goldust’s wife or his odd feud with the Kaientai stable. However, ‘The Big Valbowski’ achieved some title success too. He was Intercontinental champion on multiple occasions, and also picked up a World Tag Team championship too.

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Unfortunately, Venis has tarnished his reputation with his bizarre posts on social media platforms.

Val Venis loses Twitter account

The former WWE star has had his Twitter account suspended. Currently, there is no official line as to why Venis lost his account. That being said, evidence of past tweets may give an explanation.

Venis has previously shared random conspiracy theories at an unbelievable rate on the platform. A notable number of tweets included wild theories on the COVID 19 pandemic. He labelled the pandemic as “fear mongering” by the “global communist elite”.

In addition, he has shared numerous right-wing conspiracy tweets of unfounded accusations of democrats being paedophiles. One incident included Venis sharing “evidence” of paedophilia. This led to Twitter temporarily locking his account until the wrestler removed the content.

Furthermore, a number of his tweets have contained transphobic remarks. Venis has talked a lot about AEW’s Nyla Rose. Rose made history as the first transgender wrestler in a major US promotion – something that clearly irritated Venis. His series of offensive remarks on the topic are never-ending.

More recently, according to Ringside News, Venis has posted his support of Vladimir Putin in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition, on his Instagram, Venis called Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky a paedophile. Again, he makes such a claim with zero evidence.

All in all, Venis’ career has taken a very different turn since leaving WWE.

What happened after the WWE?

Following his exit from the federation, Val Venis toured the independent scene before a stint in Japan. He was also involved in TNA wrestling for a brief period.

Away from his wrestling career, Venis has found other ways to keep busy. He has channelled a lot of his efforts into the legalising of cannabis. In 2015, he started running a Marijuana dispensary in Arizona. Per eWrestling News, Venis started referring to himself as “Kaptain Kannabis”.

Venis may now have more time on his hands now that his Twitter account is gone.

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