Four of the best football renditions of Christmas songs and carols

Christmas is a time for giving presents, indulging in home-cooked turkey, and of course, listening to football-inspired remakes of classic songs.

The festive period often inspires people to go out of their way to create wholesome content. Therefore, it is no surprise to see several holiday classics remixed into some fairly interesting musical numbers.

We’re counting down the top four best attempts from clubs and fans to reinvigorate some of the best tracks and Christmas carols we all know and love.

4) Dan Greaves – Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?

Popular YouTuber Dan Greaves – also known as GameJamHD – is a football ballad enthusiast who spends his year writing lots of different sporting anthems. So at Christmas, he had no other choice than to cover one of the UK’s best-selling songs of all time and change every lyric to a player’s name.

3) Bundesliga – Jingle Bells

Everybody loves a good carol, and last year the German top-flight gifted the world their rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’. It wasn’t a particularly catchy tune, nor was there any actual singing, but it did go down pretty well with fans.

The league used clips of footballers from throughout the year and dubbed various voices over the top to create a wonderful treat for football fans around the globe. The players’ ‘voices’ might not be as impressive as their abilities on the pitch, but who cares? It’s Christmas.

YouTube video

2) Arsenal – We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Who knew that Arsenal once had such a talented trio of musicians at their disposal? In 2014, Tomas Rosicky exposed the world to his Jimi Hendrix-esque guitar playing skills whilst Wojciech Szczesny showed that he could play the drums like a young Ringo Star.

The two players reinvented a beloved festive classic before German striker Lucas Podolski jumped into the frame to bash his symbol for a little extra impact.

Watch out, Coldplay; the Gunners are coming for you.

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1) Celtic – We Three Kings

Taking the gold medal in our countdown of the best football-themed Christmas songs is the Scottish side’s cover of everyone’s favourite nativity song, We Three Kings.

The video features fans young and old enjoying some of Celtic‘s best moments. It also sees the club’s players, staff, and fans take the stage and do their own singing. Not only does it provide a fairly decent sound, but it also captures the message of the most magical day of the year. Football. And also togetherness, we suppose.

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