Gary Lineker spots huge blunder on MNF’s Messi and Ronaldo infographic

Many people spotted a few errors on Monday Night Football’s Messi/Ronaldo comparison piece last night – and that includes Gary Lineker.

The man who has been at the forefront of BBC and BT Sport’s coverage in the last few years, Gary Lineker, has been known to throw shade on social media in the past. From political arguments to quick anecdotes about the general state of the beautiful game, the former England man isn’t immune to getting into a good old fashioned debate.

During last night’s MNF coverage a well-known query was brought back to the surface: who is greater, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

The age old question

As much as folks want to say we shouldn’t be comparing them, it just isn’t realistic to think we can stick to that line of thinking. After all, both men are still competing at an incredibly high level and they’re both showing no signs of slowing down.

However, while MNF did a good job of running through some of the major talking points, there were a few things wrong with their infographic.

“To be fair, it’s such a long time since Messi led Argentina to victory in Copa America, they’re entitled to forget it.”

Gary is, of course, referencing the fact that it’s been just a few short months since Messi finally lifted the Copa America trophy with Argentina – with some also noting he’s been part of FOUR Champions League-winning squads instead of three.

He may not have actually made the bench for the 2006 final but you know, semantics.

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