Gary Neville sends fans into meltdown after declaring the greatest manager of all time

Gary Neville has stunned fans by suggesting Pep Guardiola could be the greatest manager of all time.

The claims from the former Manchester United star come in the wake of Manchester City winning their fourth consecutive League Cup trophy – with Guardiola once again being at the helm.

Gary Neville: Pep’s biggest fan?

Across his days with Barcelona and Bayern Munich it became clear that Guardiola was a special individual, but many feel as if his stint with City really helped him to cement that legacy.

When speaking to Sky Sports, Neville made the claim that shook the football world – in Manchester, at least.

“I think Man City may have the greatest manager of all time and we’ll look back in 10, 15, 20 years’ time… just the way he has infiltrated countries, dominated football but also influenced others, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

“You look at how he’s won in three different countries, he’s now dominating in this country – he’s going to win the league title in the next few weeks, that’s three in five years and these are massive achievements.”

Below, you can see just a handful of the many responses Neville received from his remarks.

The two contenders that seemed to pop up the most against the Spaniard were Brian Clough and Sir Alex Ferguson, both of whom had very unique careers in their own right.

On top of that, the biggest question of all for Guardiola was whether or not he could succeed without a large budget.

Neville, as we all know, spent many years under the tutelage of Ferguson during a real golden era for Manchester United.

On the flip side, Pep Guardiola is just a few wins away from securing City’s first ever European Cup success after years of trying.

Unfortunately for those who want a definitive answer, this riddle won’t be solved for quite some time.

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