Jake Paul labels Dana White ‘real douche’ and calls out UFC President over pay

Jake Paul has hit out at UFC president Dana White over the issue of fighter pay in the promotion.

Paul, 24, is starting to establish himself as one of the most recognisable names in combat sports. Some fans love that fact while others resent it – but right now, it seems to be a fairly accurate statement.

‘The Problem Child’ is coming off the back of an emphatic win over former UFC fighter Ben Askren that took his pro boxing record to 3-0.

Jake Paul puts Dana White on trial

Now, he’s set his sights on other MMA stars, including Daniel Cormier, Nate Diaz and even Conor McGregor.

White has simultaneously praised and knocked Paul for his promotional methods by insisting that while he does know how to self-market, he should also avoid going after UFC fighters.

In a scathing Twitter post, Paul went after White for an entirely different reason.

“Dana you claimed you would be $1M on me losing. Set up Askren to train with Freddie Roach…game him full access to UFCPI…and he still got his ass handed to him. Seems like you are the real douche…not Ariel. In my 3rd fight I made more more in total pay than any fighter in UFC history. Maybe it’s time to pay your fighters their fair share?

“No wonder they all want to get into boxing. Dana you say you make the fights fans want to see…so hurry up and make Jones vs. N’gannou. Pay them their fair share….$10M purse for each guy, plus PPV. Why are UFC fighters so underpaid vs. Boxers? Why did I make more in my 3rd fight than all but two (Khabib & Conor) UFC fighters have in history? I know why…”

The issue of fighter pay in the UFC has been an ongoing debate for a while now, and comments like this should ensure that the conversation continues to intensify.

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