Gary Neville slams “disgusting” Man United leaks in passionate interview

Gary Neville hasn’t minced his words when talking about the current Manchester United squad.

On Friday, it was reported that players have likened United assistant coach Chris Armas to fictional football coach Ted Lasso.

ESPN have also reported that, according to sources, the club’s players want Mauricio Pochettino to replace Ralf Rangnick as manager at the end of the season.

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These reports suggested discontent in the United camp, as players also complained about old fashioned training sessions.

It is not the first time Manchester United have had news of discontent leaked into the public domain. For example, during Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tenure, sources reported players’ unhappiness at lack of playing time.

Now, Gary Neville is fed up with the comments from the United squad.

Gary Neville slams Man United players

Never afraid to speak his mind on topics, Neville was well-prepared when discussing the recent leaks on Sky Sports. The United legend first addressed the ‘Ted Lasso’ jibes towards the club’s assistant coach.

He said: “I thought that was downright disrespectful and not funny at all. I thought it was disrespectful. Disgusting, in fact.

“It summed up what I think of them, that they are disrespectful.”

Neville then turned his anger to the use of PR teams by players and the club.

He said: “Does this actually happen? Players’ agents and PR teams are briefing the media on a matchday about what’s going on in the club? It was the first time I’d ever seen it happen. It really unnerved me.

“It’s happening now at Manchester United. The [players’] PR teams, the marketing teams, the agents, they’re protecting themselves. They are in self-preservation of their own player.

“What they don’t realise is that when they do speak to the media, those media people come and speak to us, so we find out about it. We know who’s briefing, and the reality of it is, we don’t like it.”

What has Neville previously said about United’s ‘PR teams’?

Neville has had enough of the media circus surrounding the Old Trafford club. He called for an end to the self-preserving public relations issues that seem to be plaguing United.

“Stop it. Work as hard as you can, do the best you can, represent yourself the best you can every game,” said the Sky Sports pundit.

“Don’t try and be clever, don’t try and blame anyone else. We’re not buying it. The fans can see right through it.”

This isn’t the first time that Gary Neville has been frustrated at PR teams. He says that PR posts lack authenticity. He recently expressed frustration following a Bruno Fernandes apology for missing a penalty, calling it “embarrassing”.

Gary Neville believes that empty apologies on social media by Man United players are a “smokescreen”, which is meant to cover a poor performance.

The heavy media coverage of Manchester United’s off-pitch problems must surely be playing a part in their struggles on the pitch. Such public discontent at the coaching suggests dressing room tension too.

United have a battle to finish in the top four this season to claim all-important Champions League football. However, distractions from poor PR will no doubt hinder their challenge.

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