Harry Kane opens up on the lowest moment of his career

Tottenham forward Harry Kane has opened up on what he considers to be the lowest moment of his professional career thus far.

The Englishman is currently at a crossroads after reports came out suggesting he may leave Spurs this summer. Kane himself stated in an interview with Gary Neville that he doesn’t want to have any regrets, and also that he needs to have a serious conversation with Daniel Levy about his future.

Harry Kane – not always a superstar

Yet while many fans and pundits alike remember Kane for all of the positive moments he’s had in the Premier League, it hasn’t always been plain-sailing for the striker.

In the same chat, Kane spoke about the tough times he faced out on loan with Norwich and Leicester.

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“Low moment, I’d have to say when I was on loan, when I was 19 I went to Norwich on loan. I mean I had 2 good loans before tha, League One Leyton Orient, Championship Millwall and then I went to the Premier League with Norwich. I mean I felt I was in a good place, I think my career was progressing, I actually fractured my 5th metatarsal about a month into me being there. 

“Got back from that three months kind of coming back, getting back in to the team so decided to leave in January and go to Leicester who were near the top of the Championship at the time. And again started well, scored a couple of goals in my first few games and then just kind of got benched, couldn’t get in to the team, the team weren’t doing great, they were losing. 

“We went from like top to like seventh in a matter of weeks and yeah it was almost like a reflection. I was almost saying to myself if I can’t play for Leicester in the Championship, how am I going to play for Tottenham in the Premier League?

“So again that’s kind of the first moment I thought maybe a little bit of self doubt just crept in but you know I had great family around me, my wife now with me and was just there to kind of pick me up and give me confidence.”

Ironically enough, Kane is currently preparing for what could prove to be his last game in a Tottenham shirt – against Leicester City on Sunday.

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