FIFA 23 glitch makes Didier Drogba World Cup Icon card look like Maldini

A bizarre glitch to one of the newly released cards on FIFA 23 makes Didier Drogba look like Paolo Maldini in-game.

 That’s right, yes. Instead of having the Chelsea and Ivory Coast legend up front, some users are playing with Paolo Maldini at striker.

But that’s not all. If you score with “Didier Maldini”, the game states that Drogba is the scorer, despite the player in-game clearly looking like Maldini. Clearly, this gaffe makes for some humorous confusion. However, it also impacts gameplay.

Users that have reported this glitch to EA’s official help forum have also mentioned that their Drogba card plays like Maldini – as well as looks like him. The Ivorian’s ST card should have 88 pace and 91 shooting.

In contrast, as Maldini, it would only have around 50 shooting. As a result, if the glitch uses Maldini’s stats, you can understand how they may find scoring trickier.

Another disgruntled gamer added that this broken card has the wrong acceleration type, too. Drogba is meant to be “lengthy”, but the glitch makes him controlled.

In addition, this appears to not be closed to one console type. Those who reported the issue to EA Sports are gamers on PlayStation 4, PC, and PS5.

23 Unfortunately for EA, this World Cup Icon card is not the only one affected by an “impostor”.

Hernan Crespo WC card also has FIFA 23 glitch

As well as Didier Drogba, Hernan Crespo’s World Cup Icon card is also broken. Users who play with this card in-game will see that he actually looks like Alessandro Del Piero instead.

Just like the Drogba glitch, a user reported this issue to the FIFA 23 help forum. However, they are yet to receive any response from EA Sports. In fact, the developers are yet to acknowledge or comment on the issue, which came to light a few days ago.

Currently, their official communications account has not addressed the matter.

The cards are part of a brand-new promo, fresh for the 2022 World Cup. But what other cards can you pack?

Road to the World Cup promo

This fresh batch of World Cup Icons came to Ultimate Team on Friday. EA released them alongside the “Road to the World Cup” promo in a massive influx of exciting cards.

But what is also exciting is that this first release is just a “team one” of Icons. So, there will be a “team two” of further legends of the game coming soon.

What inspired these icons, though?

Sitting somewhere between the mid and prime versions when it comes to rating, World Cup Icons reflect memorable moments in a legendary player’s career. Of course, these moments are in reference to the World Cup.

The Icons that have currently received a WC special item look incredible.

Leading the way is an absolutely insane Pele card, which is 96 rated. Then, both Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo have 95 overall cards, with a 92 Johan Cruyff available to pack, too.

Meanwhile, 1966 World Cup stars Eusebio and Bobby Moore have 92 and 91-rated cards respectively. Emilio Butragueno and Luis Figo also match Moore’s rating, both having a 91 overall item too.

Miroslav Klose, Michael Laudrup, Petr Cech, and the glitched Didier Drogba card are all 90 overall. Finally, Crespo and Emmanuel Petit are at 89, and Gianluca Zambrotta is “only” at 88. Per Gaming Intel, these team one cards are in packs until Friday 2 December.

Away from packable cards, Robin van Persie has an Icon SBC card – a 90 overall. Then, if you grind the World Cup swaps tokens, you can pick either a 90 Patrick Vieira or a 92 Cafu. Vieira is 40 tokens – a lot of grinding – or Cafu is 30.   

Hopefully EA can fix the apparent glitch to the Drogba and Crespo items soon.

Featured image credit: Twitter/EASportsFIFA