How much will it cost to stream Mayweather vs Paul?

On June 6, Floyd Mayweather is set to battle YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul in an exhibition match.

The controversial fight was initially supposed to go down back in February but after a delay, it’ll now take place in Miami, Florida this summer as the bizarre combat sports year that is 2021 continues.

Paul has only ever fought professionally against fellow YouTuber KSI, whereas Mayweather holds a 50-0 record and is widely considered to be the greatest boxer of all time.

Of course, there’s a clear difference in weight between both men which is expected to play a big role in proceedings, although Mayweather is still being billed as the clear favourite.

The boxing world appears to be split on how they feel about the whole thing. Some find it entertaining and have admired the Paul brothers’ ability to generate such hype, others have dismissed the meeting as a farce and completely distanced themselves from it.

When and where will Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul take place?

The Hard Rock Stadium is set to host on June 6, with fans expected to be in attendance.

How much could Mayweather & Paul get paid for the fight?

During a recent podcast appearance, Floyd Mayweather noted that he could probably earn between $35 million and $50 million for a fight against a mainstream boxer. However, in this showdown against Logan Paul, he believes the two could make $100 million between them – with Paul confirming that he’s set to make a “good amount”.

How much is Mayweather vs Paul?

Courtesy of the Fanmio streaming service, those who want to purchase the pay-per-view for this fight will need to pay $49.99 (roughly £35). In addition to the special exhibition, viewers will also be given a limited edition t-shirt.

Floyd’s insane PPV sales record with Manny Pacquiao is expected to remain intact but even with that being the case, many are forecasting that this could easily sell over one million pay-per-views.

From the novelty of it all through to the scuffle between Mayweather and Logan’s brother Jake Paul, many eyes are going to be fixed on this contest in early June.

The exhibition will also be broadcast on Sky Sports Box Office in the United Kingdom and Showtime over in the United States.

Featured image credit: Getty