Iranian defender clears half the pitch with insane somersault throw-in

Pakyan FC defender Nader Mohammadi has sent Football Twitter into meltdown over the last 24 hours, by producing a staggering somersault throw-in from his own half.

The criminally under-utilised technique allows Mohammadi to pretty much clear his opponents half, bringing a whole new meaning to ‘throwing it into the mixer’.

Unfortunately his side were unable to capitalise on his effort, as they went on to lose the game against Persepolis 1-0. Still, it’s a pretty effective way of turning a nothing situation into attack in a split-second.

Seems a bit unusual that the area isn’t filled with more Pakyan players – surely they had a pretty good idea of what was coming? Would be a pretty big surprise if not…

It’s definitely not the first time he’s done such a thing either. Mohammadi actually scored from a throw-in a while back, a goal that didn’t actually break any rules as the keeper got a touch on it before it sailed in.

YouTube video

We can’t help but feel Rory Delap really missed an opportunity by not adding this athletic approach to his arsenal.

Featured image credit: Sky Sports