John Fury calls out former heavyweight champion David Haye

Tyson Fury’s father John has taken his viral remarks to a whole new level by calling out former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye.

Throughout the course of Tyson Fury’s career there has been one man by his side every step of the way – his dad, John Fury. John, who was a fighter himself back in the day, is best known to the masses for his regular outbursts and entertaining comments whenever a microphone is put in front of his face.

Fury Sr. has never been afraid of picking a fight, either, which is exactly what he’s done in the following clip by calling out the one and only David Haye.

YouTube video

“I’ll tell you what’s not a joke, him [David Haye] fighting me. I will fight David Haye and tell him from me I will fight him, seven days a week and three times on Sunday. Forget me son, you’re not in his class, never was, you didn’t wanna fight him years ago so let’s not play games here. I’ll fight you! Me, John Fury! Fifty-six year old, I’ve got some good steam in my body left yet. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, never took drugs in me life, get to bed at 10 o’clock. Give me five weeks, no big long camps, me and you will get at it – let’s talk some dollars, pal.”

Fury vs Haye – well, kind of

Haye retired from professional boxing with a 28-4 record after consecutive losses to Tony Bellew but last month, he returned to the squared circle for an exhibition showdown with his friend Joe Fournier. Haye won the bout and, in his post-fight interview, actually called out Tyson Fury – a man he’d twice been scheduled to fight during his prime.

Aside from the idea of it actually happening in this crazy celebrity boxing landscape, we’d imagine John’s attention will be on Saturday night as his son Tyson goes to war with Deontay Wilder for the third time in Las Vegas.

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