Jon Jones asks for UFC release in series of deleted tweets

Jon Jones asked the UFC for his release in a string of tweets that have since been deleted.

Jones is set to move up to heavyweight this year with the expectation being that he’ll challenge Francis Ngannou for the UFC heavyweight title. However, it’s become very public knowledge that Jon and the UFC aren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye right now over what appears to be the issue of fighter pay.

Jones hits out

A few days back he implied that he’s willing to give the UFC a chance with a fight proposal being offered to him – as seen below. Then, yesterday, he posted a collection of thoughts on Twitter before deleting them.

“You would rather have me around and treat me like s***” Jones said in one of the now-deleted posts.

“I swear the UFC industry has been nothing but depressing for me. I feel like my wings are being clipped.”

“Just f***ing let me go,” Jones wrote. “What type of weird s*** is this, obviously the boss hates me. Let me take my business elsewhere. 

“I’m not trying to be great for other people anymore, I’m trying to be great for myself. There’s nothing great about being taken advantage of. You guys have no idea how insulted I feel.”

Ngannou vs Jones has the potential to be one of the biggest PPVs this promotion has ever produced. Alas, the politics of money seems to be taking over before any agreement is even close.

Long-time rival Daniel Cormier recently spoke out and defended Jones over claims he was intentionally stalling fight negotiations because he was ‘scared.

If Jones doesn’t take what will likely be a low offer, there’s a good chance they’ll move on to Derrick Lewis or the Miocic trilogy.

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