Jose Mourinho uses drones in AS Roma training session

Roma manager Jose Mourinho has decided to use a unique method in his training sessions with the club – drones.

Ever since it was announced that Mourinho was taking over as Roma boss, there’s been a split down the middle of the football fanbase. Some think it could give him a chance to find success in a country he’s thrived in before, whereas others feel as if his run as an elite level manager is finally coming to an end.

His time at Manchester United and especially Tottenham Hotspur would seem to suggest the latter but knowing Mourinho, he’s not going to go down without a fight.

Jose Mourinho the innovator?

The Portuguese gaffer isn’t exactly being tipped to win the Serie A title in his first season but at the very least, some kind of improvement is required for Roma supporters to be satisfied. Rui Patricio being brought in from Wolves shows a sign of intent but unless they can turn Jose into an attack-minded manager by stealth, there are still plenty of reasons to be cautious.

The ex-Chelsea sensation has been known to be a bit unconventional in the past between his press conferences and his tactics. Now, though, he’s really taking the cake by engaging with an idea that some would consider to be crazy: drones in training.

The belief is that this technology allows the club to get a perfect view of their shape and overall movements on the field and while that may sound a bit “out there” to some, there’s no denying the influence drones have on modern-day society.

Mourinho has been called a dinosaur in the past and even quite recently so maybe, just maybe, this is the first sign that he’s shedding his skin and developing a new strategy in order to remain relevant.

Featured image credit: Getty