Keane gives typical answer when asked if he’d rather play for Pep or Klopp

Roy Keane went extra Roy Keane last night while covering the showdown between Liverpool and Manchester City.

In an evening where he labeled Kyle Walker a car-crash, and Sergio Aguero overweight, Micah Richards saw an opportunity to wind Keane up that bit more, by asking whether he’d rather play under Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola.

“How long have I got?” he replied.

“I probably wouldn’t want to play for any of them, because that means I’d have to play for Liverpool or Man City, which wouldn’t really suit me.”

He does go on to praise both managers however, even if it’s somewhat begrudgingly. “You talk about your teams reflecting your managers,” he adds. “I think both teams did that well today with the hunger and desire from both teams, and we saw that with the managers.”

Despite their vastly different personalities, Keane and Richards’ chemistry on-screen has become a firm favourite among Sky Sports viewers. That was on show in another instance last night, as the former City man caught his co-host applying makeup before going on-air.

Who knew Roy Keane could ever be involved in anything so wholesome?

Featured image credit: Sky Sports