Kevin Holland accepts troll fight challenge, humiliates him on camera

Kevin Holland has taught an Internet troll that it’s probably not the best idea to pick a fight with a mixed martial artist.

The UFC star is renowned for his comedic persona inside the cage. He regularly laughs and makes fun of his opponents in the middle of their contests. His cheerful attitude has helped him develop a cult following.

Persona aside, however, he’s a very dangerous athlete. Holland is the 14th best middleweight on the planet, which makes one thing very clear—unless you’re highly trained, he’s going to destroy you in a one-on-one.

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In his seven-year career, he’s beaten the likes of Jacare Souza and Darren Stewart, so it’s relatively mindboggling as to why an internet troll thought he could compete with the professional athlete. Nonetheless, Jayden Draper took to his Instagram to bash the middleweight contender on several occasions.

He repeatedly messaged Holland, telling him that he’d wipe the floor with him in the octagon. But instead of ignoring the bizarre claims, he invited Draper down to his gym to see if he could back up his boasts.

Kevin Holland vs Internet troll

Holland paid his bus fare to the gym and even bought him a hotel room. Then, he put the Instagram user in his place. When the pair met in the octagon, the 29-year-old was anything but forgiving.

Holland posted a video on Twitter that shows the exchange. The spar started precisely how you’d expect, with the comedic fighter taunting his opponent.

He challenges him: “Come on, get that takedown you’ve been talking about.”

Draper, to his credit, drives in and attempts to get his Internet victim to the floor. However, he’s no match for the elite-martial artist. Holland defends the shot with ease. The genuine fighter then gave a life lesson to those witnessing the mismatch.

“When they ask you what you want to do in high school, ladies and gentlemen, tell them you want to wrestle, just in case you get a d***head like Kevin Holland.”

And to rub salt in Draper’s wounds, he punches him before putting the final nail in the coffin with one last comment.

“Get the f*** out of here.”

Hopefully, this will serve as a word of warning for anybody else who thinks they can mix it with real fighters.

Featured Image Credit: Getty