Jake Paul hints at ambitious career change after UFC comments

Jake Paul often claims that he’s willing to fight in the UFC, but his career may have a few more interesting turns ahead.

The YouTube sensation has captured the world’s attention for his crushing knockout blows and controversial social media antics. Whether people love him or hate him, we’re all watching.

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His recent victories have come against MMA greats Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. This has given him all the ammunition he needs to fire as many shots as he likes at UFC president Dana White. He’s slated the businessman for the lack of pay and health care he gives to his fighters.

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Furthermore, the 24-year-old has degraded the striking of all the promotion’s premier athletes. He’s desperately begged Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal to step in the ring with him. Alas, his efforts have gone in vain. However, in a recent rant, he offered to fight in the UFC and slated White in the process.

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Jake Paul has other plans aside from the UFC

The ex-Disney presenter is anything but short of options. He has had success in television, social media, and boxing. The obvious next move is MMA, but in an interview with Stephen A Smith for ESPN, he revealed the two other sports that have caught his eye.

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He said: “People forget that I was a state wrestler in Ohio. I’m going to go 12-0 and then move onto the UFC or the NFL, maybe even NASCAR. I might try and do both at the same time. My dream is to be like Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights.”

Paul operated at a decent level of American football before his YouTube days. Although he wasn’t up to the standard of the NFL, it’s plausible that he believes he can have success in the sport.

However, the American thinking he can drive a car around a Nascar track is another topic of conversation entirely.

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He isn’t short of cash, so buying a pit pass and securing sponsors presumably would not be an issue.

But everything else that comes with one of the most popular sports in the United States will be. It takes years to master the art of stock car driving, making it amongst the most challenging sports in the world. And manoeuvring them around the oval racetracks and road courses is even more complex.

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However, Paul is certainly not short of belief, and you wouldn’t bet against him at least trying to make it into NASCAR – if he is genuinely serious.

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