Jorge Masvidal posts fiery response after Jake Paul fight comments

Jake Paul has secured the most significant victory of his career with a brutal knockout over Tyron Woodley – and has immediately called out Jorge Masvidal.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from the ‘Problem Child’. Paul has earned notoriety for his heel-like persona in boxing and has already called out the likes of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

But after his win over Woodley, which saw him floor the UFC star with one incredible punch in round six, he surely has genuine claims to face fighters of a higher calibre.

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Masvidal is a current UFC champion and is renowned as one of the best fighters in the business. So there’s no doubting that any matchup would be a serious step up for the YouTuber, who is now 5-0 at professional level.

After Paul’s victory over Woodley, Masvidal was quick to respond – and called out the 24-year-old for a future fight in UFC.

Masvidal offers emphatic response after Paul call-out

Taking to Twitter shortly after the fight was completed, ‘Gamebred’ first commiserated Woodley on his second defeat to the ‘Problem Child’. He then changed direction and seemingly went on the attack towards Paul.

“To address this little b****, what’s his face, that little f*****”, he began.

“Listen, man, you can’t f*****g afford me. Me, and other names that you mentioned, you can’t afford them. I know what you pay everybody.

“You talk a big game, you say, ’50 million dollars here, 100 million dollars there’. B*******. If that was the case, [Floyd] Mayweather would have taken the fight and beat your b**** ass.

“But he hasn’t, because you don’t generate that type of revenue. You’ve got street teams giving out free tickets, man. You can’t afford for me to come over.”

He continued: “Let me tell you a little secret about me you didn’t know. I fight for money, or to fight the best in the world. You’re neither, you understand? I know it hurts. You’re neither the best in the world or making money.

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“I’ll tell you what – come on over to the UFC. Sign a one-fight deal, and then Dana [White] will give you whatever the f*** he’s got to pay you.

“I’ll break your jaw in front of the whole world, man, I promise you. If you really want it, come and get it. Man to man s***.”

Would joining the UFC be a good option for Jake Paul?

At the moment, Jake Paul is winning many plaudits in the boxing world. He’s won all of his five professional fights. After beating Woodley, you would imagine a future fight against Tommy Fury will soon be in the pipeline.

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Moving to UFC likely isn’t in the YouTuber’s best interests currently. Paul did say earlier this week that he wants to move to MMA and that fighting legend Khabib Nurmagomedov is “down, 100%” to coach him. But the 24-year-old wants to reach double-digit wins in boxing before making the switch, and he’s only halfway towards his goal.

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It probably makes more sense for Paul to continue rising the ladder in boxing before taking on a new challenge, such as taking on someone like Masvidal. However, as we’ve seen many times before, he does not lack any confidence or self-belief. He would no doubt run at UFC head-on – and who knows what he could eventually achieve?

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