FIFA 22 Icon Swaps: How to unlock a FUT Icon

Christmas is now almost upon us, and with it has come an early gift by EA Sports in the form of Icon Swaps on FIFA 22.

Depending on whether you are an ardent player of FUT Friendlies or someone who can’t bring themselves to enter the mode, Icon Swaps isn’t for everyone.

However, for those gamers keen to use one of their favourite icons without using in-game coins, Icon Swaps on FIFA 22 is an excellent method of doing precisely that.

It can be time-consuming, but seeing a mid icon Wayne Rooney or base icon Gianluca Zambrotta walkout at the end of it all is surely worth that effort.

Here’s all you need to know about Icon Swaps this year, and what you need to do to unlock the best icons available:

What are Icon Swaps?

Icon Swaps is a promo by EA Sports that involves completing in-game objectives in order to unlock special packs and FIFA 22 icons.

The icons and packs you can unlock are pre-determined by EA Sports before the event begins and appear on the Squad Building Challenges section of the game. On FIFA 21, there were four Icon Swaps promos.

How does Icon Swaps work?

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By completing each specific objective, players will earn an Icon Swaps token on FIFA 22. These come in the form of 60-rated cards that would otherwise be of no use to most SBCs – meaning you can’t accidentally submit them elsewhere in most circumstances.

Each token has the exact value of one, and there are 18 tokens up for grabs in total. Normally, each Icon Swaps promo is split into two parts, meaning you can collect nine Icon Swaps tokens in each period.

Once you have collected Icon Swaps tokens on FIFA 22, you can exchange them for special packs or in-game icons. This is done through the Squad Building Challenges section of the game menu.

There are a number of exciting rewards available for you to unlock. As the standard of player or icon goes up, so does the number of tokens required to unlock it. Even if you are able to achieve all 18 tokens, you won’t be able to unlock every single SBC – so you must choose carefully.

What are the current Icon Swaps objectives?

You can earn Icon Swaps tokens by playing in a specific FUT Friendly titled ‘One League’, as well as FUT Champions and offline Squad Battles. You can find the objectives you need to complete in the ‘Milestones’ section of Objectives.

Three objectives require at least eight first owned players from each of the Premier League, LaLiga and Serie A respectively.

Meanwhile, the FUT Champions objective requires you to win 13 matches in the game mode. The objective titled ‘One Club Wonders’ requires 11 first owned players in your starting squad.

Here is the full list of objectives you need to complete, the mode they must be completed in and how many tokens will be unlocked as a result:

  • PL Icon Swaps (FUT Friendlies) – 1 token
  • LaLiga Icon Swaps (FUT Friendlies) – 1 token
  • Serie A Icon Swaps (FUT Friendlies) – 1 token
  • Silvers (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • Eredivisie (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • La Albiceleste (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • Selecao (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • One Club Wonders (Squad Battles) – 1 token
  • FUT Champions (FUT Champions) – 1 token

The full list of packs and icons available in FIFA 22 Icon Swaps Iand how many tokens you need

2 tokens – 25x 81 Players Pack

3 tokens – 25x 82 Players Pack

5 tokens – 25x 83 Players Pack

6 tokens – Mid Icon Iker Casillas (89)

7 tokens – Mid Icon Rio Ferdinand (88)

Rio Ferdinand FIFA 22 Icon Swaps
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8 tokens – Base or Mid Icon Pack

9 tokens – Prime Icon Marc Overmars (90)

10 tokens – Mid Icon Pack

11 tokens – Mid Icon Marcel Desailly (88)

12 tokens – Base Icon Alessandro Del Piero (90)

13 tokens – 89+ Mid Icon Pack

14 tokens – Base or Mid Icon Player Pick

14 tokens – Prime Icon Gianluca Zambrotta (89)

16 tokens – Mid or Prime Icon Pack

17 tokens – Base, Mid or Prime Icon Player Pick

Wayne Rooney FIFA 22 Icon Swaps
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17 tokens – Mid Icon Wayne Rooney (88)

Featured Image Credit: EA SPORTS