Kofi Kingston botch brings his brilliant Royal Rumble run to an end

Kofi Kingston is one of the greatest Royal Rumble competitors of all time.

But on January 29, 2022, his fantastic run of evading elimination in the most creative ways possible came to an end.

The former WWE champion has captivated wrestling fans with his innate ability to avoid elimination. He’s yet to win the 30-man match, but his legacy at the annual PPV is more significant than a lot of the superstars who bagged places at Wrestlemania.

Since 2012, he’s used his freak athleticism and will to win to remain in the contest despite exiting the ring. His highlight reel is full of entertaining moments.

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The handstand of 2012

Kingston entered the 25th Royal Rumble match as an unknown quantity. The world was blissfully unaware that this man was unnaturally tricky to dump out.

So when the Miz pushed him off the ring apron, it looked like game over. But somehow, the Ghanaian managed to land a perfect handstand. He walked on his hands back to the steel steps and somehow climbed back into the ring.

Hopping on Tensai’s back in 2013

The following year, he’d gone over the top rope, but he’d yet to hit the floor, standing on the ring apron. Dolph Ziggler knocked him off balance, and his momentum carried him forward.

Kingston looked sure to hit the ground, but he somehow managed to leap towards and land on the back of the already-eliminated Tensai.

The giant shrugged him off, but luckily a table lay in wait to catch Kingston as he fell. However, you can’t win the Rumble unless you’re in the ring. So Kingston borrowed a commentator’s chair and bounced his way back into the contest.

Jumping from the barricade in 2014

By 2014, his reputation at the annual PPV was growing. The WWE Universe couldn’t wait to see what he’d bring to the match.

CM Punk tried to get rid of Kingston this time, but the Rusev caught him midair and proceeded to batter him on the barricade.

Rusev was soon moved on by security, leaving Kingston lying on the barricade. He walked atop it like it was a balance beam and jumped back onto the apron.

Clinging on to the ring post in 2017

It’s unwise to head to the top rope in a Rumble match. But try telling that to Kingston. He intended on using his high-flying ability to take out Baron Corbin. However, his opponent noticed and hit Kingston with a beautiful Clothesline, which sent him flying, with his feet dangling centimetres above the ground.

But he wasn’t eliminated.

He balanced on the ring post and climbed back into the ring. He then hit Corbin with a ‘Trouble in Paradise’ for good measure.

Yet Kingston’s luck wouldn’t last forever.

Kofi Kingston botches the 2022 Royal Rumble

After a decade-long run of unlikely escapes, the 40-year-old’s run has come to an end. Kevin Owens launched Kingston out of the ring for an ambitious spot that seemed intended for him to land hard on the barricade without his feet touching the floor. It turned out to be too ambitious.

Kingston dropped his head in disappointment moments after landing. He knew he’d messed up. His hopes that maybe nobody noticed were dashed when a referee told him his feet hit the floor and he’d been eliminated.

The replay confirmed that his feet hit the floor. Michael Cole had the unfortunate job of explaining to the WWE Universe that the Ghanaian had was out of the match. Naturally, it was a Rumble lowlight.

Kingston has provided some of the greatest moments in Rumble history. The fans will never forget the memories he’s given them. Therefore, they’ll forgive him for this one little mistake.

They’ve taken to Twitter to offer him their support.

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