The Undertaker once launched Steve Austin through a glass window

The Undertaker showed ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin why he isn’t one to mess with on a 2001 edition of WWE SmackDown.

‘The Dead Man’ is one of the most fearsome athletes in the history of wrestling. His menacing aura and his sublime array of strikes made him into a bonafide wrestling legend.

In a career spanning 30 years, one of the purest strikers in the WWE’s history captivated fans with outstanding performances and intense rivalries.

Who could forget his fantastic Hell in a Cell match with Mankind, in which he launched his opponent off the top of the cage – twice? And there wasn’t a dry in the house when the Death Valley native pinned Shawn Michaels to draw a close to the WWE career of ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ at WrestleMania 26.

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But there was another rivalry that WWE fans remember with fondness. Throughout 2001, The Undertaker and his on-screen brother, Kane, feuded against two of the biggest stars in WWE – Triple H and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

The Undertaker vs Steve Austin

The bad blood initially began to boil at the Backlash PPV, where Steve Austin, alongside his partner Triple H, cost The Undertaker and Kane the Tag Team Championships.

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If tensions weren’t high enough, the pair then assaulted Kane, who’d already had to pull out of his world title bout with Austin.

This enraged ‘The Deadman’, who desperately wanted to avenge the attack. He sprinted backstage to try and help his brother, but he received a beating of his own. ‘Stone Cold’ utilised weapons to batter ‘The Phenom’ in a chilling attack.

The reigning champion naively let his guard down during commentary the following week. The Undertaker sprinted out from the stands in Austin’s direction. He began to unload with a series of vicious punches with a chain in hand.

‘Stone Cold’ escaped backstage, and the enraged Taker eagerly pursued him. However, his prey was lying in wait. He pounced at the 308-pound giant. But despite the element of surprise, he was no match for ‘The Phenom. He launched Austin through a glass window, to an incredible reaction from the crowd.

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The frightening display highlighted just how dangerous The Undertaker could be.

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