KSI and Floyd Mayweather vs Salt Papi and Manny Pacquiao, in the works

In an incredible turn of events, KSI and Floyd Mayweather could join forces to battle Manny Pacquiao and Salt Papi in an epic tag-team boxing match.

In 2015, two of the greatest fighters in combat sports history met in one of the biggest events of the century. But while the anticipation couldn’t have been higher, the contest failed to deliver.

Despite Pacquiao showing glimmers of his best, his American adversary utilised his tremendous skills and boxing IQ to cruise his way to a decision victory.

But eight years on, the pair of greats look set to go toe-to-toe once again with a fresh spin.

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KSI & Floyd Mayweather vs Salt Papi & Manny Pacquiao set for huge PPV

Since the emergence of YouTube boxing, only a select few have shown a genuine level of talent.

And without doubt, KSI and Salt Papi feature in that minority.

The former FIFA player has proven his gas tank and ability to go to through the fire. And the Filipino-born warrior has displayed an immense skill set, far beyond what should be expected at his level of experience.

However, when they first laced up the gloves, they never could’ve expected the opportunity that now lies ahead of them.

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While purists despise the carnival-like spectacle the sport has become, KSI is changing the game, and it’s difficult to not appreciate.

In a world where the big nights rarely come to fruition, big names get away with testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs and judges constantly deliver outrageous scorecards, is this new form of competition really the worst thing going on with boxing?

Regardless of your stance, should this bout come to fruition, it will likely sell an incredible amount of PPVs. Therefore, in all reality, it’s down to the big-time promoters to try and swing the pendulum back in their favour.

Many are expecting KSI to take on Joe Fournier in his next outing. However, according to Happy Punch, he could go in a different direction, leaving Mayweather licking his lips.

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Featured Image Credit: Happy Punch