Lewis Hamilton fuels retirement rumours with Instagram post about mental struggles

After missing out on an eighth world title and enduring a deeply disappointing start to the season, Lewis Hamilton is almost at the point of retirement.

The 37-year-old had an extremely disheartening stay in Saudi Arabia. For the first time since 2017, Hamilton was sensationally eliminated from qualifying in Q1. The last time he exited on pure pace was back in 2009 at the British Grand Prix.

The Brit desperately struggled to get to grips with the machinery underneath him, which resulted in him starting the race in 16th place. When the Saudi GP began, he managed to drag himself up to sixth place. But due to the pit lane being closed while the safety car was out, he could not stop for tires until the race went green again.

This saw him plummet down the leaderboard and ultimately finish in tenth. This only adds to his misery of losing the 2021 World Championships in the dying seconds of the final race. Last season, Hamilton found himself agonisingly close to regaining the mantel of the ‘greatest driver on the planet.’ But it didn’t work out that way.

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Although he’d led for the majority of the race, controversial refereeing opened the door to a late surge from Max Verstappenand the Belgian took full advantage. He soared past his rival on the last lap in an insanely dramatic moment.

So with all this considered, it’s understandable why the all-time great took to social media to express his emotions.

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Is Lewis Hamilton considering retirement?

The F1 legend delivered a powerful message to his 27.4 million Instagram followers.

He said: “It’s been such a tough year already with everything that has happened around us. Hard some days to stay positive. I have struggled mentally and emotionally for a long time. To keep going is a constant effort, but we have to keep fighting.

“We have so much to do and to achieve. I’m writing to tell you it’s ok to feel the way you do.”

Hamilton added: “Just know that you are not alone and that we are going to get through this. A friend reminded me today, you are so powerful, and you can do anything you put your mind to. We can do anything we put our mind to. Let’s remember to live in gratitude for another day to rise. Sending you love and light.”

The sporting icon is one of the most famous athletes on the planet. But like everybody else, he’s human. Ultimately, no matter how thick your skin is, something will get to you eventually. And it’s important to express those emotions. Therefore, hopefully, somebody will benefit from the race driver’s words.

It’s not just his performances on the track that have left him feeling upset.

Lewis Hamilton is not happy in F1

Before the Saudi Arabian GP, Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for attacking a Saudi oil facility less than 10 miles from the Jeddah race track. Their actions left the depot ablaze, with smoke rising into the air. This brought the safety of the drivers into question. But the race went ahead regardless.

The Brit has spent his career passionately campaigning for improved human rights worldwide. And during the week, he revealed a letter he’d received from a young boy on death row.

He said: “It’s mind-blowing to hear the stories. I’ve heard there has been a letter sent to me from a 14-year-old who is on death row. When you are 14, you still don’t know what the hell you are doing in life.”

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According to The Mirror, the Brit entered this season feeling disillusioned with F1. He is still seething with the decision that resulted in him missing out on another title, and he is also adamantly against the locations of the Grand Prix circuits. However, he will continue to try and make a positive impact as best he can.

As per The Express, he said: “We don’t decide where we go. But I think we are duty-bound to try and do what we can while we are here.”

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