Roman Reigns’ dad, Sika, once wanted him to quit WWE over WrestleMania 31 finish

Roman Reigns nearly achieved a magic Wrestlemania moment in 2015. But he had it taken away from him instantly, and it left his Dad, Sika, raging.

In 2015, Vince McMahon desperately tried to build ‘The Big Dog’ as the face of the WWE. However, he faced one massive problem. The fanbase just didn’t like him. The company chairman tried everything in a hard-fought bid to make the man he believed in resonate with the fans. But he couldn’t make it click.

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So when the promotion announced that the 6 ft 3 powerhouse would square off with Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the fans weren’t happy. They expected the old hero to get pushed aside in favour of this new fighter who they’d struggled to connect with.

But to their delight, McMahon had a change of heart, and it didn’t pan out that way.

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Roman Reigns fought Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31

The sporting beasts collided in a titanic battle for the ages, with both men coming close to defeating the other. This brutal war of attrition had seemingly left both men with very little to give, and they both slumped to the canvas. Then suddenly, Seth Rollins’ music began blasting through Levi’s Stadium, and the crowd went berserk.

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In a masterpiece of scripting, the popular superstar sprinted to the ring and pinned Reigns to emerge as the new champion of the world. The stunning victory that Michael Cole iconically referred to as “the heist of the century” has gone down as one of the greatest moments in WWE history.

Just when fans thought they knew exactly where the match was going. McMahon shocked them with an extraordinary twist. But as popular as the title-winning performance went down with fans, it left Reign’s father furious.

Roman Reigns’ Dad, Sika, hits the roof

As much as the WWE Universe didn’t want to see Reigns win the strap, it’s no surprise that his Dad, Sika, had his back. Several members of the Anoa’i family were left devastated by the last-minute decision. But none more so than Sika, who, according to a WWE Observer Newsletter source, was “looking to start a war.”

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As per WWF Old School, some family members wanted him to quit the company. Reigns ultimately ignored their advice and continued his pursuit of greatness, and there’s no doubt that he made the right decision.

Since 2015, he’s become drastically more popular. At Wrestlemania 38 at the AT and T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, he has the opportunity to write the wrongs of his last two Mania matches against Lesnar, with ‘The Beast Incarnate’ having beaten him at Wrestlemania 32 to add to the disappointment of the previous year’s event.

With the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and The WWE Universal Championship both on the line, fans can’t wait for this historical match-up to headline on the grandest stage of them all.

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