Man City to trial paper coffee cups you can eat after using

Manchester City are set to trial a new paper coffee cup at the Etihad Stadium – which you can eat after using.

The new cup has been proposed in order to cut down on waste, as part of the club’s commitment to eliminate all single use plastics from its catering operations.

Fans will either have the option to eat the cup, or place it into one of the on-site composting waste streams at the ground.

City will play their first game at the Etihad Stadium for three months when they host Norwich in the Premier League on Saturday.

All three of their home friendlies against Preston North End, Barnsley and Blackpool were played at the Academy Stadium.

City explain new ‘edible coffee cup’

In a club annoucement explaining the new introductions, City said: “Alongside new food and beverage offerings, City are also introducing 100% recyclable and zero plastic beer cups and will trial an ‘edible coffee cup’ this season.

“As part of the Club’s commitment to eliminate all single use plastics from catering operations and improve our carbon impact even further, the Club is introducing an exciting, innovative and market leading paper beer cup.

“For the first time on Campus, an ‘edible coffee cup’ will also be introduced.

“This fantastic and innovative solution provides an amazing solution to waste, just eat your cup!”

Some on Twitter made light of the fact the cups are edible – and there was the obvious joke about whether or not fans may actually be forced to eat them.

Thankfully, City did indeed confirm that it is voluntary to eat the cups – and fans can dispose of them in composting waste streams.

“These will be trialled alongside our full barista service of hot drinks outside the stadium in City Square and opposite west entrance.

“Fans will have the option to put these cups into our composting waste stream, if preferred.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty