Manchester United legend makes bold claim ahead of FA Cup Final against Manchester City

With the FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Manchester City rapidly approaching, an Old Trafford icon has given an interesting prediction.

The 2022/23 campaign couldn’t have gone much better for both sides of the Northern City.

For the blue contingent, it’s been about winning every trophy in sight, with the help of their dynamite forward, Erling Haaland.

While for the red side, it’s revolved around a successful rebuilding year under the watchful eye of Erik ten Hag.

But when the two clubs clash on Saturday, their entire seasons will rest on this one match, in which they will have the opportunity to claim bragging rights over their fiercest rivals for a long time to come.

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Mikaël Silvestre reveals his pick ahead of Manchester United vs Manchester City


Having made a whopping 361 appearances for ‘The Red Devils, ‘ Mikael Silvestre undeniably knows a thing or two about Manchester derbys. Therefore, we have to listen to his expertise with an open mind.

In an exclusive interview with bettingexpert, he claimed that his old side have the minerals to get the job done.

The Frenchman claimed: “You know who my favourite is? My favourite is Man United. Seriously, it will be an extremely competitive game. Both teams are in a very good and positive dynamic.

“Man City has another final next week, and they are in a good dynamic. It’s the end of the season, but all their players are fighting for their spot in their final. The competition in training must be really tough.”

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He continued: “I think both teams are tired both mentally and physically. The downside for Man United is that Martinez and Antony are injured. They are starters, and it will be a massive blow for Man United not to have them ready.”

“Man City has a full squad available, and it will be a very good game. Man United has to finish strong, and after securing the Champions League spot, the dynamic must be really good.

I don´t think it will make any difference that Man City has rested a lot of players. Both clubs have a week to prepare, and the players are used to that.”

“Hopefully, Man United will be fresh enough, and Bruno Fernandes will be important as the leader and the maestro in the midfield.”

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