Scott Askham: Meet the English MMA legend, who’s famous in Poland and set to fight at KSW Colosseum 2

On June 3 at KSW Collesium 2, in front of a whopping 45,000 people, Scott Askham will look to finally settle his rivalry with Polish icon Mamed Khalidov once and for all.

With the two legends having entertained fans around the globe with their first two epic collisions, it’s only fitting that they get back in the cage and give the fans another memorable encounter. And while the Brit has the almighty task of walking out to the cage at the PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw, Poland, in front of a partisan crowd, it hasn’t remotely put him off his game; if anything, he’s revelling in it.

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Since exploding onto the KSW scene back in 2018, the Yorkshireman has won the hearts of the locals through his devastating kicks and unrivalled will to win.

Consequently, Askham has become a popular figure, with the Poles desperate to grab a moment of his time for a selfie, with one, in particular, struggling to contain his excitement after bumping into him at the local supermarket.

He laughed: “Yeah, it’s quite nice, actually. So I just come here and get that recognition, then go home and go back to being normal. I do enjoy that. When I was a world champion, I came here, and three people asked for photos before I even got through passport control. So yeah, it’s nice to get that appreciation from the fans, and honestly, he was genuinely shocked to see me in the shop. So yeah, it was nice to see that.”

But despite the fandom that rightfully comes his way, Askham has one goal on his mind: to beat Khalidov.


Scott Askham vows to emerge victorious against Mamed Khalidov at KSW Colosseum 2

In the storied history of mixed martial arts, we’ve been treated to an array of sensational rivalries.

From Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir to Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, there’s nothing better than a grudge match.

However, most fighters have to go through their career without the right dance partner. But luckily for Askham, he’s been blessed with the perfect nemesis. And with the score standing at 1-1, both men know that this match-up means everything.

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Speaking exclusively to SPORF, the Brit said: “He’s the only guy to finish me. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There were a lot of variables in that fight as well. It was during COVID, so I couldn’t get to American Top Team. I had to train at a totally new gym. So I’m happy to put this one right.

“I’m going to be a bit different in this one. I went at him last time in the media. It was my second rematch with KSW. I wanted to beat everyone twice. But yeah, I’ve got my rematch now. So fair is fair, and here we are in the trilogy.” 

Scott Askham wants to win another KSW title

Having achieved so much in his sparkling career, Askham is addicted to picking up belts. And should he beat Khalidov, he’ll direct his attention towards the winner of Paweł Pawlak vs Tomasz Romanowski.

“Winning the KSW title was an incredible moment for me, especially the way that I won it. I broke my hand in the third round, and I still managed to get the finish. Obviously, that added a bit of excitement to it. I was happy it was over.

“To win the KSW championship again is 100% a goal of mine. I personally think this one should be for the belt. We’re the best two middleweights; you can see that because we’re the main event.

“By the end of the year, I want to fight for that belt.”

Featured Image Credit: Scott Askham