Max Verstappen salary: Red Bull offer world champion biggest deal in F1 history

Red Bull have offered F1 driver Max Verstappen a new bumper contract that will see him earn around €50 million per year.

Last season, the Belgian-Dutch racing driver narrowly pipped Lewis Hamilton to the top of the F1 standings. As the season neared its end, Verstappen and Hamilton went into the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix level on points.

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In a controversial finish, the Red Bull racer pounced on an opportunity to jump in the pits during the late Safety Car and the lead that Hamilton had earned himself during the race quickly vanished.

Verstappen, whose current contract with Red Bull expires in 2023, will now be with his promotion for another four or five years.

Despite being rumoured to move to Mercedes, Hamilton’s current promotion, this new contract news seems to squash that speculation.

Speaking on his current situation, as quoted by the BBC, Verstappen seems happy where he is.

“I’m very, very happy where I am, that’s for sure – like I said in the radio message at the end of the race. Of course, that’s when you’re very emotional, but I mean it because I really love being part of this team.

“There is no reason to leave here, and I want to continue racing for this team for a long time.”

How does Max Verstappen’s salary compare to Lewis Hamilton’s?

According to reports, Red Bull is offering Verstappen a deal worth €40-50 million a year.

This sum works out at around £33-42 million, which rivals Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton is reported to earn a salary of around £40 million from his sponsor Mercedes. However, the British icon will likely be earning a lot more on top due to his other endorsements.

As per Forbes, Hamilton was on track to earn a total of $62 million in 2021, including a base salary of $55 million.

The article states that Hamilton receives a projected $7 million in bonuses for race wins.

Will Max Verstappen’s new salary translate to another F1 championship win?

Max Verstappen’s Abu Dhabi win last season came as a shock to the entire F1 world after his dramatic late win.

Many had written him off for the season, believing Lewis Hamilton would win his fifth consecutive title. Red Bull, however, put their faith in their racer from the start.

Now, with an improved contract and fierce competitive feud with Hamilton, F1 fans are in for a treat in the upcoming 2022 championship.

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