New Adidas x Speedportal gold boots ‘leaked’ – and they look sensational

Leaks have revealed the newest colour variation set to feature on the adidas x Speedportal boots.

In the maker’s latest offering, the Adidas x Speedportal range launched earlier this week via a unique video. Their advert featured Rick & Morty, who presented the solar green boots alongside animated versions of Mohamed Salah and Vivianne Miedema.

Their clever marketing ploy played on the idea of “multidimensional speed” – something that Adidas believes encapsulates the quickness of the modern game. Also, Rick Sanchez and his grandson are used to travelling through multiple dimensions, so it all fits together nicely.

But what does this concept mean?

Multidimensional speed

Adidas’ senior product manager, Franziska Aurnhammer, explained the idea to Goal.

“We’re past the time where you talk about top-speed linear sprints,” said Aurnhammer. “Nowadays, in football, multidirectional speed is super important. It’s a high-pressing game, attacks are faster, and there is less time on the ball.   

“There’s a lot of added pressure on players to perform faster. Not just physically, but also on the mental side. You need to react fast and take the right decisions quickly. That’s where the idea of multidimensional speed came from.”

The new boot reflects this innovative concept as a result. As well as being incredibly light, the Adidas x Speedportal boasts numerous features to support rapid direction changes.

Firstly, a brand new “Speedframe” provides a carbon outsole with a unique stud configuration. These studs give grip no matter what direction you are pushing towards. Additionally, the Speedframe builds around the heel to bring stability to the wearer.

Stability was at the forefront of providing speed across multiple directions. Because of this, Adidas then included “stability wings”. These hug the player’s foot, adding to the solid support base underneath.

But the makers have not ignored the mid and upper foot either. Here, a TPU support cage re-enforces the upper sections of the boot to enhance the ability to accelerate explosively.

In terms of colours, this initial release came in a solar green/core black/solar yellow colourway. Yesterday, Adidas also revealed the “Shadowportal” pack, where the x Speedportal comes in black with some solar red detailing.

Now, leaks have shown what a future offering should be too.

Adidas x Speedportal to come in gold

Thanks to Footy Headlines, fans have had the opportunity to see the new colours way ahead of their release date.

Sticking with the solar theme, the German manufacturer will put their Speedportal boots in a “solar gold” colour. This vibrant offering will also have contrasting black Adidas stripes and detailing.

In addition, renders of the design also suggest that the Speedframe outsole will feature a lighter shade of gold in an Ombre style.

Credit: Footy Headlines/ Ofoball

So, who will wear them?

Current predictions suggest that the headline stars that may don the bright boots are Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, and Mohamed Salah. Of course, a host of other players will likely try a pair out too. Whether they all test the solar gold offering remains to be seen.

This colour set will likely come out in March 2023 – therefore, there is a bit of wait before we can see them in action. Coming in both laceless and lace-up variations, prospective buyers have plenty of decisions to make before their purchase.

They also do not come cheap; the top-of-the-range Adidas x Speedportal are currently on the maker’s website for £230.  

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