Newcastle fan goes viral for flying header in the stands

Newcastle defeated Sheffield United 1-0 last night to secure their fourth victory in seven Premier League matches.

Joe Willock’s sixth goal in six consecutive Premier League appearances was enough for the three points for the Magpies, who rose to 15th place in the table as a result.

It was the first game at St. James’ Park that fans were allowed to attend since February of last year, and Willock’s goal meant that the return was a memorable one for the fans in the ground.

And it was indeed a moment in the stands that made the game memorable for a different reason.

Jayden Bogle’s attempted header flew well over the bar and into the area behind the goal which housed a number of Newcastle spectators.

The ball travelled towards a section of spectators, and a fan in a blue coat initially looks as if he is getting set to catch it and throw back.

But he had a late change of heart, and instead produced a diving header that, unfortunately for him, didn’t quite reach as far as the pitch.

It was still a decent connection, though – especially from a standing start.

He then followed up the header by falling several rows down into the back of another spectator.

Check it out below:

Bruce on return of fans

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce credited the difference that the 10,000 fans at St. James’ Park made on their return to the ground.

He told BBC Sport: “The difference of when there’s only 10,000 in the stadium is quite remarkable to what we’ve got used to over the last 12 months.

“It’s great to hear them back in.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty