Newcastle fan who performed Nazi salute banned from football grounds for three years

A Newcastle fan who performed a Nazi salute during a Premier League match last year has been given a three-year football banning order.

The ban, which applies to every ground in the UK, will come into effect immediately.

Shay Asher, 24, made the racist gesture in the direction of Tottenham Hotspur fans. It happened during their clash with the Magpies at St James’ Park in October 2021.

As per BBC Sport, the 24-year-old admitted to racially aggravated harassment during the match. He was fined £200 back in April.

Prosecutors then applied for a football banning order. Newcastle magistrates agreed to the banning order, with conditions.

Asher therefore cannot attend any regulated football match in the UK until the banning order ends in 2025. He also cannot travel abroad to watch matches. They include international friendlies, qualifiers and tournaments.

As originally reported by Chronicle Live, Asher was identified after photos showing him performing the gesture appeared online. The Metropolitan Police’s digital media team then reported the photos to Northumbria Police.

They then posted an appeal on their Facebook page, which caused the Newcastle fan to come forward. The same report states that he made the salute with his right hand, while “putting his finger over his mouth for a moustache”.

Northumbria Police make statement

Detective Inspector Gillian Beecroft, of Northumbria Police, stated: “Hate crime of any kind within our communities will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and I welcome the banning order handed down to Asher.

“In the North East, we have some of the most knowledgeable and passionate supporters in the entire country, and the overwhelming majority of those who attend matches behave impeccably.

“However, when passions are high, as was the case in this particular fixture, a small minority can let themselves down, and ruin the spectacle for others. When that happens, it is important we use every tactic at our disposal to bring effective justice against them.

Featured Image Credit: Getty