Otis got sick on live television after his match on WWE Raw last night

WWE turned up the gross levels on last night’s Raw as Otis vomited on live television.

The federation is never afraid to use bodily fluids in order to get a reaction from the audience. In fact, boss Vince McMahon enjoys a segment where WWE can generate some toilet humour at the expense of his stars.

Throughout the years, puke, poo, urine, and everything in-between has featured on a broadcast. Big Show has fallen victim to many accidents involving human excrement. Back in 2003, Eddie Guerrero gave him an unforgettable showering of faeces.

After Big Show had defeated Chavo Guerrero in a SmackDown main event, Eddie intervened to get revenge. Using his cousin’s sewage truck, Guerrero covered Show in a seemingly never-ending pile of waste.

This left the Big man in a flailing, slippery heap in what is a classic – if disgusting – comedic sequence.

However, don’t think that McMahon leaves all the work to his employees.


Vince McMahon wets himself

The WWE boss has had his own humorous run-ins with fluids. For instance, Vince once wet himself in front of Stone Cold Steve Austin during one of their many face-offs.

Austin pulled a gun on the WWE boss, who, fearing the end, proceeded to pee himself in fear. Stone Cold pulled the trigger to reveal… a little flag out of the gun’s nozzle. The audience laughed in amusement as a soiled McMahon sat embarrassed. He also ended up in pain as Austin pulled a stunner on him.

YouTube video

Fast-forwarding to today, the writers are still happy to throw in some light-hearted toilet humour. Unfortunately for Otis, he did not feel well in the process.


Otis vomits on WWE Raw

The Alpha Academy tag team member had a busy night on Raw. Firstly, Otis kicked off his evening with a hot dog contest in celebration of July 4th. Unfortunately, despite eating 23 hot dogs, Otis suffered a defeat.

But he had no time to let his enormous meal go down. The Alpha Academy had a match against The Street Profits to attend to before Otis could rest. For the second time tonight, Otis would be on the losing side as he was on the receiving end of a splash to end the battle.

YouTube video

This finishing move did not sit well with Otis. His stomach did not like the impact one bit. As a result, the big guy threw up on his tag team partner Chad Gable at the end of the match.


A grossed-out Raw audience even got a slow-motion replay of Otis spewing (thanks WWE camera crew) for good measure. Poor guy.

Given Vince McMahon’s high use of bodily fluids for laughs, we can’t imagine that this will be the last time someone suffers a bathroom emergency.

Featured image credit: YouTube/WWE