Pep Guardiola doesn’t expect another 200 PL games as Man City boss

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola doesn’t expect to be in charge for another 200 Premier League games.

This weekend, Manchester City will play host to Crystal Palace in what will serve as Pep’s 200th Premier League fixture as manager at the Etihad. It’s been a long road to get to this point, full of many ups and downs, but anyone with eyes can see how much Guardiola has changed English football with his attacking style and relentless success.

When asked about whether or not he’d push towards another 200 PL games as the gaffer, City’s main man wasn’t so confident.

What’s next for Pep Guardiola?

The 50-year-old has been in charge of Manchester City since back in 2016 which means his tenure there has actually been longer than his spells with Barcelona and Bayern Munich. In that time he’s won trophy after trophy with the “noisy neighbours” now being England’s most dominant force.

The big missing object, of course, is a Champions League title, and something tells us Guardiola isn’t going to stop until he’s managed to bring that honour to Manchester. If and when he achieves that goal he may opt to move on to pastures new, and it’s anyone’s guess as to where he’d go.

Juventus, back to Barcelona, the Spanish national team, somewhere else overseas – it truly is a mystery. 

For now, we should all just sit back and enjoy seeing this all-time great in the Premier League.

Featured image credit: Getty