Peter Crouch makes decision on the Messi and Ronaldo debate

Peter Crouch has followed in the footsteps of many fans by declaring that his thoughts on the Lionel Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo debate have changed.

The summer was a hectic time for both men between the Euros, Copa America and transfers to Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United, respectively. Their accomplishments stand on their own two feet – and when analysing just how consistent they’ve been over the years, it truly is remarkable to think they’re still going strong in 2021.

Crouch backs Ronaldo?

Messi is beginning to find his footing in France whereas Ronaldo started off like a house on fire at Old Trafford this past weekend with two goals in United’s 4-1 win over Newcastle.

As it turns out, that performance prompted former Liverpool forward Peter Crouch to change his mind about who really is the GOAT – as he noted in his Daily Mail column.

“I have always been a Lionel Messi man. A gift from God. The poise, elegance and everything that goes with his genius is spellbinding.

“But we have reached the stage now where every single record is being broken by the other man in the conversation.

“A change of heart, a switch of sides, could potentially be on its way. Are you even allowed to cross that divide? What are the repercussions?”

“Rio then became one of the individuals lobbying him to make that return to Old Trafford last month,” he added.

“When he signed from Juventus, I had a bet with a United fan that Mohamed Salah would score more goals this year. Having watched his ‘second debut’ against Newcastle, I’m slightly concerned that my wallet might be in danger.”

Cristiano Ronaldo certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but one thing is for sure – he’s on track to produce a really powerful campaign in the Premier League between now and May.

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