Premier League Clubs as Disney characters

Disney+ finally launched in the UK last night after being out in America since early November.

Available at just £5.99 per month, it will provide hours of entertainment during the UK lockdown with over 500 films and 7,500 episodes available immediately.

Here’s the characters Premier League clubs would be if they featured in Disney…

Arsenal – Mickey Mouse

Credit: Disney

One of the originals. Always been around and has been at the top of the game on numerous occasions.

Aston Villa – Goofy

Credit: Disney

Another original. Drifted in and out of popularity through the years, but always in conversation.

Bournemouth – Ariel

Credit: Disney

A wonderful kingdom to go and visit. Steady, solid and able to spark into life when needed.

Brighton – Maui

Credit: Disney

On the sea front and beach, holding their own in the past couple of years.

Burnley – Beauty and The Beast

Credit: Disney

Reliable throughout the years. Can play good at times, but sometimes do what is needed to get through.

Chelsea – Scrooge McDuck

Credit: Disney

Loves money and isn’t afraid to show it off.

Crystal Palace – Woody

Credit: Disney

1st appeared in the early 90s and dropped in and out of focus since then.

Everton – Rapunzel

Credit: Disney

Going strong in the PL for many years. Not heard of much in recent years but capable of producing the goods now and again.

Leicester – Hercules

Credit: Disney

The ultimate zero to hero story. Written off at the start but showed the world how it’s done to gain the crown.

Liverpool – Sleeping Beauty

Credit: Disney

Drifted off for a long time but has finally woken up to reclaim the throne.

Man City – Genie

Credit: Disney

Hidden away for a while but came back with 3 magic wishes to send them to the top of the pyramid.

Man Utd – Simba

Credit: Disney

On Pride Rock for a number of years before being banished from the top 4. Slowly making a comeback before going for the title of King.

Newcastle – Bambi

Credit: Disney

Unsteady on their legs at times. Lots of fans but not a lot of success either.

Norwich – Tinkerbell

Credit: Disney

Small in comparison to the rest. Does the job and doesn’t make too much noise.

Sheff Utd – Olaf

Credit: Disney

The one that everybody secretly roots for. Come strong in recent years and a popular choice for many.

Southampton – Pluto

Credit: Disney

Another club that was there at the beginning. Fades in and out of popularity but always remembered.

Spurs – Cinderella

Credit: Spurs

Always been around in conversation from the start. Once the club strikes midnight, the success fades away.

Watford – Otis (Cars)

A club with a lot of history, always breaks down though.

West Ham – Nemo

Credit: Disney

Went missing for a time but bounced back in style. Forever blowing bubbles.

Wolves – Sherriff 

Credit: Disney

Not of Nottingham, but of Wolverhampton. Looking to capture the heroes of the league.

Featured Image: Disney