Randy Orton calls out Soulja Boy in bizarre Twitter beef

We have a new contender for the strangest feud of the year – Randy Orton vs Soulja Boy.

The two men, for all we know, may never have previously interacted with one another. Orton has been a WWE mainstay for years whereas Soulja Boy is more recognised for his musical prowess.

Yet somehow, someway, the two have been thrust together in a bitter rivalry. It all stems from Soulja making an off-handed comment about pro wrestling and WWE being ‘fake’.

The wonders of Twitter

Orton took huge exception to the comment, understandable for someone who has devoted so many years of his life to wrestling.

His response triggered a pretty feisty back and forth between the two men that even led to Orton reeling off a few of his favourite rappers. Solid choices to be fair.

Some have suggested this could all be part of some bigger story in WWE. After all, now that Bad Bunny has made the trip over to the squared circle, it doesn’t seem all too ridiculous.

Alas, ‘The Viper’ appears to be gearing up for a very different opponent at WrestleMania 37 in Bray Wyatt. The pair have been going back and forth for months now and a meeting on the grandest stage of them all feels inevitable.

Bad Bunny is also being tipped for a Mania match of some description too, which is an odd sentence to say. Could we see the ‘Crank That’ star following a similar path in the future? Who knows these days.

2021 is very, very weird already.

Featured image credit: Getty