Real reason why Pickford appeared to talk to himself before penalty in Euro 2020 final

A recent report has revealed why Jordan Pickford seemed to talk to himself before his huge penalty save in the Euro 2020 final.

Throughout the course of the tournament over the last few weeks, Jordan Pickford has served as a real beacon of hope for the England national team. He’s been one of the Three Lions’ top performers and in the final last Sunday, he proved why he’s the nation’s number one with two memorable saves in the penalty shootout against Italy.

Jordan Pickford – ice in his veins

The first gave England the edge but the second, against renowned penalty taker Jorginho, kept his side in the final and helped to produce a moment of pure ecstasy at Wembley and around the country.

It ultimately proved to be fairly meaningless in the grand scheme of the game as Bukayo Saka’s miss handed the Azzurri the title of European champions.

After the fact, there was a video circulating across social media of Jordan Pickford saying “no problem” just before Jorginho took his penalty. Some felt as if he was trying to hype himself up, but as per The Independent, he was actually in discussions with the referee.

“Sorry everyone, but it’s not quite as it seems. From the vantage point of the Wembley press box you could tell that Pickford was not geeing himself up but in fact talking to the referee Bjorn Kuipers, who is out of shot in the television footage but had moved towards Pickford at that point and spoken to him, presumably reminding him to stay on his line.”

While this may be a bit dull for some to accept, we don’t think it takes away from something that cannot be denied – Jordan Pickford’s stock rose to its highest ever point in the European Championship and he’s definitely the man who should be leading England into next year’s World Cup.

Featured image credit: Getty