Richarlison sends message to another ex-Liverpool star after Carragher post

Jamie Carragher further shared his thoughts on Richarlison and his showboating skills shortly before the Spurs forward responded to criticism from another former Liverpool player.

Despite leaving Everton this summer, Richarlison still manages to frustrate and infuriate people associated with Merseyside rivals, Liverpool. Last weekend, his actions towards the end of Tottenham’s 2-0 win at Nottingham Forest caught attention.

Joining the game as a sub, the Brazilian made an impact with a wonderful, outside-of-the-foot assist for Harry Kane’s second goal. However, Richarlison made sure the main talking point was something outside of his good play.

As Spurs tried to wind the clock down, Richarlison began doing keep-ups in a display of showboating. Brennan Johnson then wiped out the Spurs No.9, earning himself a yellow card.

Despite Richarlison being the victim of the foul, Jamie Carragher blamed the forward for angering the opposition. Speaking during the game, the Sky pundit made his feelings known.

“Woah! It [keep-ups] does wind people up,” he said, via Daily Mail. “You can’t do that. But what is he doing? He just winds me up that lad, Richarlison. He winds me up. What do you expect [Brennan] Johnson to do? You’re not condoning the foul, but…”

Jamie Carragher was not the only Liverpool legend criticising Richarlison, too. Former midfielder Didi Hamann took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the late-match antics.

Didi Hamann critiques the skills

Retweeting footage of the keep-ups and the foul that followed, Hamann had a different angle of thought than what the referee gave.

“Nothing to do with showboating,” critiqued the former Germany international. “[Richarlison] should have been booked for unsportsmanlike conduct and restarted with a free kick to Forest.”

According to the FA rules, “showing a lack of respect for the game” is a yellow-card offence under unsporting behaviour. However, this is at the referee’s discretion – and keep-ups are not specifically mentioned as “disrespectful”.

Following the comments, Richarlison himself responded to Hamann, saying very bluntly: “Cry more.”

Earlier on, Carra to discuss the Brazilian’s time-wasting tactics once again.

Carragher addresses Richarlison showboating

Taking to Twitter, the Sky Sports pundit explained how he believed that the forward’s actions were unwise.

“It doesn’t matter what we all think of the Richarlison showboating,” said Carragher. “It’s what the opposition thinks. They thought it was taking the p**s and tried to take him out.

“You can’t condone that, but the worst that happens is a red card. For Spurs, it’s a bad injury. That’s why it’s daft.”

However, in response to another of the Spurs forward’s earlier tweet, he said: “This is the type of s**thousery I can fully get behind!”

Currently, Richarlison has not responded to the Liverpool legend this time around, unlike on previous occasions. The Brazilian instead looks forward to a potential first Premier League start for Spurs, who visit West Ham on Wednesday night.

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