Roberto Soldado faces backlash for awful challenge against Levante player

Levante forward Roberto Soldado has faced backlash from the football world as a result of a nasty challenge in a pre-season game.

The former Tottenham Hotspur forward has made a habit of rubbing people the wrong way in recent years. From his attitude and performances on the pitch to some of his remarks off of it, the 36-year-old has certainly been walking a very fine line.

His hope after signing with Levante from Granada in June would’ve been to make a really strong impact in the upcoming La Liga campaign. While that still may come to fruition, his actions in a pre-season friendly against Villarreal have caused quite the uproar on social media.

The final straw?

Soldado was chasing down Jorge Cuenca and in the blink of an eye, committed the kind of challenge that would make you think he’d had a personal grudge against Cuenca for years.

The footage can be seen below, alongside a host of reactions on Twitter from media members and fans alike – all of whom were pretty disgusted.

There are plenty of Spurs fans out there who will naturally forgive the sins of Soldado for some of the important goals he scored during his time in North London, but there are others who simply can’t forget about the disappointing tenure he had as a whole with the club.

With regards to the challenge itself, it goes without saying that this isn’t the kind of attitude or behaviour that should be displayed on a football pitch. That’d be true in any setting, including during a competitive match, but it’s almost even worse that it occurred in a friendly.

Levante will want to swiftly move forward and forget about this but they’ll also want to ensure they whip Soldado’s attitude into shape before the La Liga season commences.

Featured image credit: Getty