Romanian third tier produces this year’s best Puskas contender yet

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

Robert Gabriel Asăvoaei has cemented himself as the front-runner for this year’s Puskás Award with an effort that we can only describe as a masterpiece.

It came in a matchup between Miroslava and Pascani at the Uricani Stadium, in Romania’s LIGA III – and its already one of our favourite goals of all time.

As Miroslava broke away, Asăvoaei was picked out beautifully on the edge of the area, where he met the cross with the most satisfying scorpion kick you’re likely to ever see.

Miroslava went on to win the game 4-0, now sitting top of the league before heading into the winter break.

As if the video itself wasn’t good enough, just take a look at this stunning photo that captures Asăvoaei mid-flight, shared by Romanian football journalist, Emanuel Roşu.

How do you possibly come down from doing something like that? You’d be talking about it every waking minute for the rest of your life.

Featured image credit: Emanuel Roşu Twitter