Sean Dyche just gave one of the weirdest / best press conferences ever

Speaking to the media earlier today, Sean Dyche got sidetracked and went on a quite wonderfully bizarre tangent.

Dyche was doing his pre-game media duties ahead of Burnley’s clash with Manchester City, and things took a turn.

The whole thing was sparked by a journalist asking the 49-year-old: “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Mick Hucknall?”

Immediately Dyche perked up and replied: “It’s uncanny you say that, because apparently I look like Chris Evans too!”

What followed was five chaotic minutes of the Burnley boss talking about “lookalikies”, holidays and the film UP.

“Lockdown is really hard, boring, so we’re just having a natter, just trying to show some humanity in the world…you ask me a silly question, I give you a silly answer and we may as well not bore the world to death.” Dyche explained.

“We’re raising ourselves to ‘lookalikeys’, ‘lookalikeys’ make the world go round. Have you never sat in the pub, though that feels like a distant memory, with your mates and just found lookalikes? It’s the best fun you’ll ever have…”

He continued: “Have you ever seen the kids film Up? You know the little man with the glasses? I swear to you, we were playing away at Sunderland and a live, human version of that man was there.

“I was nudging the lads to look and they were crying, it was the best ‘lookalikey’ I’ve ever had. It was literally the guy. I even wanted to get a selfie…

“If you want to get to the depth of real reporting, go round the Premier League and ask all the Premier League managers if they play the ‘lookalikey’ game?’

“And if they give you a boring answer, we’ll drive down and we’ll slap them with a wet fish. Everyone should play ‘lookalikeys’.

“Much more fun than you asking me whether we’re going to play a 4-4-2…”

More of this please.

Featured image credit: Burnley FC