Sergio Ramos on the players that shaped his Madrid career

Sergio Ramos for all the pantomime villain pageantry will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest and most decorated defenders to play the game.

In fact, it’s those eccentrics that make us love him that little bit more.

Not only has the Spaniard been consistently reliable defensively, his goal return is simply staggering for a centre back – aided of course by the fact he takes penalties, but still no-less impressive.

When discussing how he had become a role model for young players at Madrid, the defender was asked about which names had the biggest influence on his early days at the club.

He told Spanish newspaper Marca back in 2017: “When I arrived at Real Madrid I had to learn from veterans, like Raul and Iker [who, despite their youth, were already veterans].

“Cannavaro… another who I learned from every day. I will try to make the adaptation as good as possible.”


“In my time maybe Ronaldo Nazario, Raul and Iker were the ones that I looked up to most in the dressing room. And Roberto Carlos also, along with Michel Salgado.”

In that same interview, Ramos also spoke about his goalscoring record, particularly from set-pieces.

“In addition to training, you have to have a good connection with the crosser, whether Toni Kroos, Luka Modric or James. That coordination of gestures makes everything, mixed with physical power and training, come out well. Not all finish with the same efficiency but that is also a sign that continued work is necessary.”

Ramos has been named to the FIFPro World 11 ten times; a record for a defender, and the third-most all-time. He has also been elected to the UEFA Team of the Year eight times; also a record for a defender.

Featured image credit: Getty