The Eddie Guerrero WWE 2K22 Easter Egg that fans will love

WWE 2K22 was finally released earlier the week, ending months of anticipation for eager gaming fans. Players have quickly put their thumbs to work to uncover all of the game’s secrets. Among them is an Eddie Guerrero Easter Egg that takes us way back.

Regarded as one of the all-time greats, Guerrero was as adept technically as he was playing a character. Fans loved him despite his admittance to lying, cheating and stealing on a regular basis. However, their love for him made him an even better heel as Guerrero played on that sentimentality and flipped it on its head.

Some of Guerrero’s best and most dramatic work came against his real-life close friend Rey Mysterio. While younger fans may remember the storyline about Guerrero claiming that he was the real biological father of Mysterio’s son Dominic, they previously waged wars in WCW. These wars feature in WWE 2K22.

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What is Showcase Mode?

The Showcase Mode is one of the best in the 2K series. It focuses on the key moments in a superstar’s career and allows players to relive them by participating in matches. These matches are introduced by the superstar, in this case, Mysterio, speaking about the significance of the bout and providing further context with added hindsight.

Playing against specific opponents in specific arenas then unlocks them for the player. The characters are specific versions of characters that are otherwise available in their classic form e.g. 2008 Kane or 2010 Undertaker.

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The Eddie Guerrero WWE 2K22 Easter Egg

The first match in Mysterio’s career journey is against Guerrero at the WCW event Halloween Havoc 1997. The stakes were high for the pair with Guerrero putting his Cruiserweight Title on the line on the condition that his luchador foe put his mask on the line too. Having never seen Mysterio’s face, fans were heavily invested.

The pair put on a terrific show, displaying the tremendous chemistry in the ring that would appear in their later WWE careers. Mysterio ultimately got the win, though, keeping his mask and taking Guerrero’s title away.

However, if players fall at the first hurdle of Mysterio’s Showcase journey, they will be able to see an alternate timeline of events. Guerrero will tear his pal’s mask off, showing the audience the true face of Mysterio.

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