The newest event trailer for Eagle FC is full of action-packed drama

The latest Eagle FC trailer has dropped, and the fans are officially hyped. Since retiring from MMA, Khabib Nurmagomedov has taken over the company, and on January 28, the promotion hits the States for the first time.

The UFC legend purchased and rebranded the business, which was initially named ‘Gorilla Fighting’. He has taken it to the next level.

The Russian’s first four events took place in his homeland, and blew fight fans away. But the former UFC Lightweight Champion believes that now is the right time to take his show on the road.

YouTube video

At Eagle FC 44, Khabib is staging a terrific main event between Tyrone Spong and Sergei Kharitonov at the FLX Arena in Miami, Florida. The undercard features MMA legend Rashad Evans.

Although the event was already eagerly anticipated, the promotion’s latest video has sent excitement levels through the roof.

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Eagle FC trailer

Khabib and his team have put together a piece of promotional content that resembles an action movie. The trailer starts with an eerie tone as Kharitonov sits playing poker with his friends before abruptly leaving after receiving a mysterious text saying, ‘Eagle FC Location in 20 minutes’.

The scene switches to Spong collecting a coffee before his phone buzzes with the same message. He quickly bins his drink and sprints out of the building—he knows it’s time to go.

We’re then transported to a beautiful harbour, which feels almost peaceful. But not for long. Things start to get violent.

Suddenly, Kharitonov drags a man out of his car and attacks him. He then jumps in the vehicle and drives it away. His opponent then assaults a helpless sailor before launching him overboard and setting off into the abyss.

There’s only one place they’re heading—’the location’. Spong arrives and sprints into the venue, where his rival is standing in the cage waiting for him. They lock eyes before proceeding to face off.

Tyrone Spong vs Sergei Kharitonov

The top of the bill at Eagle FC 44 is an absolutely terrific introduction for the promotion in North America. Spong is a former kickboxing world champion with an unbeaten 2-0 record in MMA. The Dutchman is a sensational striker with a remarkable repertoire of shots in his arsenal. But his opponent is more than up to the challenge.

As a former Pride and Bellator champion, Kharitonov has utilised his high-level boxing ability to entertain fans for over two decades. With his background in the ‘sweet science’ considered, his style will likely gel with his adversary to create an absolute barnstormer of a fight. This is one that combat sports enthusiasts can’t afford to miss.

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