The trailer for the new Jack Charlton film looks VERY special

Jack Charlton was an absolute mammoth of the game, so losing him earlier this year was a desperately sad time for football fans everywhere.

He conquered the world with England in 66 and helped transform the face of Irish football, few have left such a mark on the game quite like he did.

Now a new film, titled Finding Jack Charlton, looks set to tell the story of his life during and after his playing days. Going off the trailer alone, it’s already a must-watch.

YouTube video

Directed by Gabriel Clarke (Bobby Robson: More Than A Manager; Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans) and Pete Thomas, the filmmakers were given access to previously unseen archive footage and Jack’s own notes from his career, which saw him become a national hero in both England and the Republic of Ireland.

“He led a fascinating life and his achievement in football is unique,” they said. “To tell his story against the background of the final year of his life, when he faced perhaps his greatest challenge, enabled us to frame his incredible career from a whole new perspective.

“It was a privilege to work with his family and to make a film that became so much more than we expected.”

The greatest challenge of course refers to Charlton’s battle with dementia through his final years, which is undoubtedly going to be an incredibly sad watch. However, the film looks equally as uplifting as it tells one of the most iconic and unique stories to come from the game.

The film will hit cinemas on November 6 before a DVD and Digital release on November 23. It is set to be aired on BBC Two in 2021.

Featured image credit: Getty